March 2012

ABS Group Acquires GenesisSolutions

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GenesisSolutions now part of ABS Consulting

February 23, 2012 – Houston, TX – ABS Group of Companies, Inc. today announced its acquisition of maintenance and asset management solutions provider GenesisSolutions, headquartered in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

As a part of ABS Consulting, GenesisSolutions customers can now take advantage of a broad range of Safety, Risk, Integrity and Performance Management services including an extensive catalog of public and on-site training courses. Please visit to learn more about our new organization and expanded capabilities.

According to ABS Group CEO, Tony Nassif, “The acquisition of GenesisSolutions will enable ABS Consulting to immediately expand our capabilities to deliver full-service EAM solutions to our extensive customer base in the Maritime, Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Renewable and Government market sectors.” ABS Consulting President David Walker added that, “In particular, their systems and technology experience with all of the major EAM and Computerized Maintenance Management System software tools will equip ABS Consulting with a portfolio of solutions to directly improve customers' bottom lines through reduced downtime, improved efficiency and reduced labor and material costs.”

GenesisSolutions' Founding Partner and CEO Burton (Twig) MacArthur said, “The combination of GenesisSolutions and ABS Consulting will increase our ability to help clients realize a return on their assets through reduced maintenance costs and improved productivity.” He stated that, “This integration will help us reach a broader base of customers with a broader set of offerings, while also expanding the range of career opportunities available to Genesis employees.”

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Asset Management Master Planning: The Evolution of Maintenance Master Planning

Mike Greenholtz & Quinton GoForth

We have had the opportunity over the past several years to introduce Maintenance Master Planning to many of our GenesisSolutions customers. As part of a continuous improvement effort, we have modified the master planning process to include a DMAIC approach, which is a Six Sigma quality management tool, thus evolving Maintenance Master Planning to a more comprehensive Asset Management Master Planning process.

In a sequential series of articles to be published in this newsletter, we will describe the updated process in detail to provide you with a greater understanding of how this method can bring value to your company. Over the course of this five part series, we will convey how we “Define” asset management maturity, “Measure” and assess the current state of asset management, “Analyze” the assessment to develop a master plan, “Improve” asset management through master plan implementation, and finally “Control” and sustain the performance improvement.


In the Analysis Phase of the DMAIC process the objective is to analyze the results of operational performance assessment gathered from our previous DMAIC step (Measure) within all the foundational elements that comprise the maintenance or asset management system. The analysis is predicated upon understanding the desired future state goals of the maintenance organization to support the company business strategy. This typically includes benchmarking with industry Best Practices for proactive maintenance labor, backlog, PM compliance, OEE as well as financial goals. The difference between the measured “Current State” and the desired “Future State” represents the current gap that is to be remediated. Strategically prioritizing in sequential order the required next steps and then documenting this remediation plan now positions the maintenance organization to begin the development of their Asset Management Master Plan (“AMMP”). This is essentially the structured Roadmap to the “Future State” and will become a documented project plan detailing the time required, number of resources, and required milestones to achieve the end goal.

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EAM & Reliability Strategy Seminar

April 18, 2012 – San Diego, California

GenesisSolutions and The Mundy Companies are hosting a complimentary seminar on Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Reliability Strategy in San Diego, California on Wednesday, April 18, 2012. This educational seminar focuses on developing a progressive, multiphase Asset Management Master Plan to leverage your CMMS to support & sustain Reliability Excellence.

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We hope you can join us for this interactive and dynamic event which has a focus on “Defining your Asset Management Master Plan“.

To register immediately, please send a request to:

Upcoming Industry Events

  • FMMUG (Facilities Management Maximo User Group)
  • 2012 Annual Meeting
  • April 15-17, 2012
  • San Diego, California

GenesisSolutions is a sponsor and will be exhibiting at this Annual Meeting.

GenesisSolutions is an exhibitor at this 13th Annual Meeting, and Mike Greenholtz, VP of Reliability Solutions, will be presenting on “Asset Management Master Planning.”

  • MUWG (Maximo Utility Working Group)
  • Spring 2012 Workshop
  • May 1-2, 2012
  • Atlanta, Georgia (Hosted by Southern Company)

GenesisSolutions is a sponsoring exhibitor and will be leading a IBM Maximo Asset Management functional breakout session.

GenesisSolutions will be exhibiting at this 14th Annual Meeting.

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