Fundamental Data Considerations: Enabling Effective Planning & Scheduling

Enabling Effective Planning & Scheduling: Fundamental Data Considerations for your Organization and CMMS

GenesisSolutions had an opportunity to lead a presentation at the Pacific Northwest Maximo User Group (PANMU) in late 2016 on the Fundamental Data Considerations organizations must understand and implement in order to enable their CMMS (e.g. IBM Maximo, Infor EAM) to allow for Effective Planning & Scheduling.


‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’

 Is one of your EAM goals to better Plan & Schedule work? That is common. The first questions you need to ask yourself is: Do we have accurate work history on our assets? Do we know what activities have taken place? Do we have a PM program that positively or negatively affects the accuracy and value of this work? This presentation discusses key fundamental and historical data considerations (including: crafts, inventory, schedules, tools, and third parties) that need to be established to set your organization up for success when undertaking a planning and scheduling initiative. It may just be possible to escape your past P&S mistakes if you put your CMMS work history to work!

This presentation is available upon request. Please submit a request here and note “CMMS P&S″ in the message field.

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