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Asset Performance Optimization Newsletter - Mar/Apr 2018

March 15, 2018

Featured Article

Empowering Reliability Leaders with IBM Maximo's Predictive Analytics

Data-driven asset management is critical for modern maintenance programs to minimize downtime, optimize reliability and maximize value over the entire asset lifecycle.

Enterprise asset management (EAM) systems now have predictive analytic capabilities for anticipating potential failures, supporting continual improvement of the business. Assets are managed more effectively when enterprises make better use of their data to gain competitive advantage and enhance decision making. With those objectives in mind, the data that resides within an EAM system can be used to drive asset reliability.

This insight details the process on how to apply a Reliability Based Maintenance methodology to utilize predictive analytics with EAM systems like IBM Maximo.

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Featured Article

Critical Prerequisites for Asset Reliability Program Implementation

Reactive asset management strategies simply do not work in the modern marketplace.

Industrial organizations must maintain flexible operations to keep pace with customer demands and ultimately achieve and preserve financial security. Traditional strategies that emphasize repair as opposed to consistent upkeep lay the groundwork for costly periods of production downtime.

Businesses can prevent this situation from unfolding by developing and deploying asset reliability programs that reduce the likelihood of catastrophic mechanical breakdowns and the operational aftershocks that normally follow. But before rolling out such strategies, organizations should map out the critical prerequisites that must be in place for an asset reliability plan to snap into action and make a sustainable impact.

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Webinar Event

How Machine Learning Can Improve Root Cause Analysis

GenesisSolutions is teaming with SparkCognition to present an informative session on how Machine Learning can improve Root Cause Analysis (RCA) processes within industrial settings.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The importance of RCA to manufacturing and industrial operations
  • Why machine learning is critical to efficient RCA
  • How machine learning-driven RCA works

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