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Reliability Based Maintenance, Asset Reliability Program

Have You Set the Appropriate Asset Reliability Goals?

Asset-intensive businesses that want to cultivate truly reliable shop floor processes must carefully map out their end goals.Read More
Asset Reliability Solutions

Video: Data-Driven Maintenance and Reliability Solutions

David Knowles, Director of Enterprise Asset Management, discusses maintenance and reliability solutions at Pharma TechOps USA 2019. Read More
Facilities: Enterprise Asset Management

3 Key Milestones in the Facilities Asset Management Journey

What are three milestones facility managers should surpass on the road toward more effective and efficient asset management?Read More
Facilities, Manufacturing: Reliability Based Maintenance, Asset Reliability Program

Reliability Engineering in the Era of Predictive Analytics

As the Reliability and Maintenance industry continues to adapt to the latest digital tools and predictive analytics, how critical is the role of the Reliability Engineer?Read More
Power, Manufacturing: Asset Reliability

Uptime Magazine: Reducing Energy Usage Costs in Manufacturing Facilities

[Industry Article]
Read how we helped MedImmune reduce operational costs and increase reliability following the successful installation of a new combined heat and power system at its biotechnology R&D facility.Read More
Life Sciences: Enterprise Asset Management

Can EAM Technology Aid Medical Device Manufacturing in 2018?

[White Paper]
How can EAM technology help medical device manufacturers streamline production in 2018? Request our white paper to learn more.Read More
IBM Maximo, Enterprise Asset Management

Empowering Reliability Leaders with IBM Maximo's Predictive Analytics

Data-driven asset management is critical for modern maintenance programs to minimize downtime, optimize reliability and maximize value over the entire asset lifecycle.Read More
Reliability Based Maintenance, Asset Reliability Program

Critical Prerequisites for Asset Reliability Program Implementation

Asset reliability programs reduce the likelihood of mechanical breakdowns and the operational aftershocks that follow. Read our prerequisites for facilitating smooth asset reliability program implementation.Read More
Life Sciences: Asset Reliability

Maintenance – Cost Burden or Value Generator?

[Technical Presentation]
Request our Pharma TechOps 2018 presentation outlining the value of measuring the cost of performance and improving your company's maintenance strategy.Read More
Data Analytics, Enterprise Asset Management

Infographic: Optimizing Asset Management with Data Analytics

What must industrial sector businesses do to cut the clutter and utilize data analytics? View our infographic to learn more.Read More
Predictive Maintenance Program

How Asset Maintenance Can Benefit from a Magic Leap

As augmented reality technology expands into the commercial market, so will the need to integrate predictive maintenance and asset management into working practices.Read More
Manufacturing: Work Management Processes

Total Productive Maintenance: Improving Equipment Effectiveness

Taking a holistic stance to equipment maintenance by introducing TPM into your working practices could help prevent breakdowns and delays in manufacturing.Read More
Reliability Based Maintenance

3 Tests for Data Criticality in EAM: What Stays and What Goes

Use these three tests to determine if the data you have is actually the data you need.Read More
Predictive Maintenance Program

What Condition is Your Condition Monitoring Program In?

Here's how you create a culture where condition monitoring flourishes.Read More
Life Sciences: Infor EAM

Validating Infor EAM to Drive Compliance in Life Sciences

[White Paper]
Infor EAM provides the application functionality necessary to meet FDA requirements. Learn more about validating computer systems within the Life Sciences industry using enterprise asset management software.Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Predictive Maintenance Program

Think Ahead: Where Cognitive Predictive Maintenance is Leading EAM

What is cognitive predictive maintenance, and how will it revolutionize enterprise asset management?Read More
Public and Transportation: Preventive Maintenance Optimization

Healing After Hurricanes: EAM in a World of Superstorms

Comprehensive EAM implementation and execution can help businesses reclaim what was taken by natural disasters.Read More
Life Sciences: Enterprise Asset Management

3 Challenges to Commissioning and Validating Pharmaceutical Assets in 2017

Strong enterprise asset management in the pharmaceutical industry requires equally strong commissioning and validation processes.Read More
Food and Agriculture: MRO Supply Chain Optimization

More Than Can Be Chewed: Agribusiness Challenges Overcome through EAM

How will asset reliability and proactive maintenance equip agribusinesses to rise to the challenges of today?Read More
Infor EAM: Enterprise Asset Management

Particle Physics, EAM and What They Mean to Your Industrial Business

What can any industrial-sector business learn from the 25-year partnership between CERN and Infor EAM asset management software?Read More
Enterprise Asset Management

Are You Strengthening EAM Mobile Utilization Across Your Organization?

[White Paper]
How can mobile technologies help you enhance your predictive maintenance and EAM strategies? Learn more in our white paper, "Reconnected: Strengthening Mobile EAM Utilization Across the Industrial Sector."Read More
Public and Transportation: Reliability Based Maintenance

Expect Delays: What Threatens Mass Transit Asset Reliability in 2017?

Three ubiquitous national trends have pushed asset management in mass transit to the brink in 2017.Read More
Reliability Based Maintenance

Cooperative Development of Reliability Based Maintenance – SMRP Solutions

[Industry Article]
Read our insights on reliability based maintenance in the March/April issue of SMRP's Solutions magazine.Read More
Asset Criticality Ranking

4 Essentials for Determining True Asset Criticality

Don't score asset criticality just yet. Make sure these four things are in order first.Read More
EAM Processes and Systems

4 Essential Features for Mobile Maintenance Technology

What features should asset management decision-makers consider in their search for the right mobile solution to integrate with their CMMS?Read More
Facilities: Predictive Maintenance Program

Held Back: Higher Education Struggles Without Predictive Maintenance for Facilities Management

Predictive maintenance can give colleges and universities the boost they need to tackle their facilities management concerns.Read More
Manufacturing: EAM Processes and Systems

Tighten Up: 4 Calibration Tips for Better EAM

What can your maintenance technicians or equipment operators do to minimize downtime losses related to calibration while upholding compliance and asset excellence?Read More
Predictive Maintenance Program

Is Bad Tribology Wearing Down Your Predictive Maintenance Program?

These three questions can align on-site tribology with predictive maintenance programs to improve both simultaneously.Read More
Power: Enterprise Asset Management

View from Up Here: Tethered Drones in Enterprise Asset Management

Tethered drones offer the industrial sector a different vantage point when it comes to EAM.Read More
Predictive Maintenance Program

Too Hot to Handle: Thermographic Imaging and Industrial Asset Management

Learn how thermography enhances predictive maintenance strategies with affordable, user-friendly tools that embody everything EAM stands for: asset reliability, safety and actionable intelligence.Read More
Enterprise Asset Management

HSE 4.0: How Industry Preserves Safety in Its Latest Revolution

Let's take a look at an overlooked aspect of Industry 4.0 – the future of health, safety and environment (HSE) – to get a picture of what EAM means moving forward.Read More
Enterprise Asset Management

Into the Reliable Yonder: Exploring AI and AR in Field Service Management

Decades from now, how might the combination of AI and AR help field service management achieve operational excellence 2.0?Read More
Safeguard Robustness for Operational Excellence

On Guard: A Primer on EAM Safeguards

How can your organization set up solid EAM safeguards?Read More
EAM Processes and Systems

Are You Taking Risks with Your Offshore IT Development Model?

Be wary of whatever savings offshore IT development promises. Those low costs come with real risks.Read More
Asset Criticality Ranking

Critical How? The Finer Points of Capitalizing on Asset Criticality

A surface-level understanding of asset criticality doesn't emphasize the real power behind this innovative tool.Read More
Facilities: Enterprise Asset Management

Are These 3 Major Elements of EAM Aligned at Your Facility?

Troubles with cost, risk and quality lie at the heart of every EAM or RBM initiative.Read More
Enterprise Asset Management

What Questions Should Supervisors Ask Their Equipment Operators?

What questions should you ask your operators, and how can you transform those answers into actionable intelligence to fuel enterprise asset management or a reliability-based maintenance programs?Read More
Life Sciences: Enterprise Asset Management

Modern Medicine: Asset Management and the Future of Telehealth Technology

In the wake of next-generation telehealth technology, health care providers are faced with new challenges only a strong asset management program can prepare them for.Read More
Enterprise Asset Management

Why Ask Why? Thinking Deeply About What Drives Us to Maintain Assets

We've put together a list of "whys" every operations supervisor ought to ask of his or her equipment.Read More
Enterprise Asset Management

Prove EAM Success Early in Its Adoption with These 4 Indicators

Here are a few indicators we consider irrefutable proof your asset management strategy is well on its way.Read More
Enterprise Asset Management

Seeing Beyond: What Can EAM Do for Big-Picture Strategizing?

How does EAM help businesses strategize from a higher level?Read More
EAM Processes and Systems

IIoT and Remote Assets: Changes to the EAM Landscape

How will the IIoT change how organizations monitor and maintain remote assets when granular data can be pulled from machinery tens, even hundreds of miles away from "home base?"Read More
Enterprise Asset Management

A Day in the Life of a Ball Bearing: EAM at a Glance

Even as industrial-grade equipment advances in the age of mobile technology, interoperability and the Internet of Things, business leaders can still learn a lot about their cutting-edge assets from a simple ball bearing.Read More
Enterprise Asset Management

Assets to Go: EAM and Contract Management for Leased Equipment and Outsourced Labor

How can EAM enhance the ways businesses lease assets?Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Enterprise Asset Management

Oil and Gas Distillation: Where Does EAM Fit in at Midstream?

Midstream operators would benefit greatly from enhanced attention toward the incorporation of enterprise asset management solutions into their day-to-day processes.Read More
EAM Processes and Systems

Does Our Dependence on Data Centers Disrupt EAM?

Let's look at how data center management comports with or disrupts the current asset landscape, and all the ways EAM solutions support the next generation of enterprise equipment.Read More
Enterprise Asset Management

What Today's Equipment Failures Tell Us About Our Own EAM Programs

Staying abreast of current events on how equipment fails and why could clue you in on how best to commission, maintain, track and repair the machinery your organization uses every day.Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Enterprise Asset Management

In Turbulent Times, Oil and Gas Finds Value in EAM

How can oil and gas companies leverage new or legacy EAM solutions for cost savings during its darkest hour?Read More
MRO Supply Chain Optimization

What's Missing from Your MRO Supply Management Strategy?

Unchecked MRO management could easily compromise manufacturers or service providers utilizing preventive, predictive or proactive maintenance plans.Read More
Life Sciences: Enterprise Asset Management

EAM Preserves Order in an Ever-evolving Life Sciences Industry

A comprehensive enterprise asset management program directly addresses issues of quality and compliance in life sciences to drive reliability.Read More
EAM Processes and Systems

CMMS Strengthens Maintenance Worker Retention by Confronting These 4 Job Complaints

Halt the vicious cycle of turnover by addressing these four maintenance concerns.Read More
EAM Processes and Systems

CMMS is the Industrial Sector’s Greatest Ally amid IIoT-induced Organizational Change

Here are just a few ways industrial reorganization in the advent of the IIoT couldn't stay afloat without CMMS.Read More
Enterprise Asset Management

You Can’t Spell EAM Without HSE: ‘Health, Safety and the Environment’ Should Be Front and Center in Any Asset-intensive Industry

How exactly can EAM solutions and compatible HSE asset management modules create safer, more sustainable work environments?Read More
Other Industries: Enterprise Asset Management

Spilling Over: America’s Water Infrastructure Needs a Splash of EAM for Greater Cost Efficacy

From a cost perspective, EAM-enabled assets can, once and for all, quench our thirst for dependable water infrastructure.Read More
Facilities, Other Industries: Enterprise Asset Management

Hit the Books: EAM for Higher Education Makes Learning More Reliable

Where might universities and other institutes of higher education see value in onboarding EAM solutions before the next school year?Read More
Public and Transportation: Enterprise Asset Management

Transit Troubles: How EAM Can Give Public Transportation a Much-needed Lift

The transportation sector must accelerate its adoption of EAM and proactive asset maintenance, especially in light of recent industry developments.Read More
Manufacturing, Power and Transportation: Enterprise Asset Management

3 Industries on the Verge of an IoT Overhaul

The Internet of Things will change all businesses irrevocably, but these 3 industries will see the greatest impact amid the IoT revolution.Read More
Manufacturing: Enterprise Asset Management

Explaining EAM and Enhanced Maintenance Plans

Since people recognize conveyor belts without much explanation, they make excellent models for demonstrating different types of failure modes asset experience.Read More
MRO Supply Chain Optimization

4 Reasons to Optimize Critical Spare Parts Programs with Enhanced MRO Management

Even as industrial-grade equipment advances in the age of mobile technology, interoperability and the Internet of Things, business leaders can still learn a lot about their cutting-edge assets from a simple ball bearing.Read More
Manufacturing: Reliability Based Maintenance

Using 'Replacement of Asset Value' to Audit Your Maintenance Program's Efficacy

"Replacement of asset value" can help manufacturers bring the highest quality reliability based maintenance to their operations. But how?Read More
Manufacturing: Enterprise Asset Management

Asset Management to Be a Key in 'Internet of Things' Manufacturing Deployments

The Internet of Things is more than just a buzzword. Manufacturers are already deploying the technology in their organizations and have plans for further implementations in the near future. Read More
IBM Maximo

What You Need to Know About Implementing Maximo Anywhere in Your Business

IBM's Maximo Anywhere gives enterprises the ability to get the functionality of the core Maximo Asset Management system anywhere in their businesses.Read More
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