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Asset reliability is essential to all utilities, which require a proven strategy to maintain and optimize utilization as well as to reduce lifecycle costs. Our Asset Performance Optimization team has years of experience working with utility operators to develop Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) strategies for power generation, transmission and distribution, water/wastewater and reclamation assets. We also have experience building facilities and have executed many successful IBM Maximo asset management projects and CMMS upgrades within the Power and Utilities sector.

Strong Reliability Record in Power and Utilities Sector

GenesisSolutions has a proven track record providing EAM services to the Power sector and experience in some aspects that is second to none. Our staff has performed a multitude of CMMS implementations and upgrades for major companies, and we pride ourselves on our ability to assist utilities owners and operators with achieving and sustaining their long-term EAM goals. Our customers have included major public utility districts and energy providers in the Americas region.

Long-term Enterprise Asset Management Strategy 

Challenges affecting today's Power and Utilities industry include monitoring/managing aging infrastructure while complying with the latest regulations and keeping costs as low as possible for customers. Addressing these needs requires more efficient decision-making processes to balance asset performance with risks and costs. Our Asset Performance Optimization team will work closely with your Power and Utility company to demonstrate and develop an optimization plan and EAM strategy that best fit the needs of your assets and operations.  

Improving Preventive and Predictive Maintenance 

Reliability and Maintenance Services

GenesisSolutions has a dedicated team to help customers establish a sustainable reliability program to monitor and manage their asset dependability. We use award-winning processes to assess the current condition of your utility assets and then develop a plan to achieve asset integrity goals. In conjunction with the reliability plan, we assist customers in developing and/or improving their preventive and predictive maintenance programs.

Supply Chain Management Solution

A solid supply chain management process is essential to utilities. Our staff is well-versed in Supply Chain Management and we will provide qualified experts who can develop custom solutions to help you confirm that all of the necessary assets, components and spare parts are available to you when needed. This cuts costs by eliminating emergency orders and reduces the time required to recover from unexpected outages.

CMMS Upgrades and Data Analysis Support

When upgrading a CMMS system, it is important to verify the following:

  • All of the current functionality is retained without sacrificing new functionality
  • Determine if new out-of-the-box functionality can replace custom functionality in the current system
  • Perform a full data analysis to confirm that the current data is compatible with the new version of the software

GenesisSolutions has decades of experience performing CMMS upgrades and data analysis tasks.

Monitoring EAM Systems Data for Power Facilities

We understand the importance of maintaining accurate data to drive decision-making in Power facilities as well as to inform network strategy optimization. Our Asset Performance Optimization team excels in analyzing our customers' existing Maximo, SAP or Infor EAM systems to determine the appropriate system configuration to support asset performance trending, budget reviews and lifecycle cost analyses. As reliability practitioners, we understand the importance of asset hierarchy and asset criticality ranking to support maintenance workflows, planning and scheduling, MRO and report writing. Our CMMS engagements result in our customers' ability to apply world-class enterprise asset management.

Achieving the Lowest Possible Lifecycle Costs 

As Risk Based Asset Management becomes more critical in the utility industry, utilities companies will need to understand how managing risks can lead to improved decision-making in asset management programs. These include risks to assets, public safety and the environment. We have the technical expertise needed to advise on how to mitigate risk in order to achieve the lowest possible lifecycle costs while also meeting infrastructure targets.

A Risk Based Approach for Ranking Critical Assets 

Our service model is built on a risk based approach to optimizing asset performance management strategies. To quantify the risk profile across a broad range of assets and utilities in the Power sector, we have developed a robust asset criticality ranking tool, which was awarded the 2015 Solution Award for Reliability Engineering. The tool is used to rank assets based on their criticality to the business or operation.

Product deliverables include:

  • Evaluation of how asset failures impact organizational performance
  • Provision of detailed profiles of characteristics that makes each asset critical
  • Allowance for systematic ranking of assets for prioritization efforts

Our initial efforts are focused on the first quartile of critical assets where we work to ensure that we maintain the most critical assets with the leanest and unobtrusive maintenance strategies to minimize residual risk while maximizing asset performance.


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