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Other Industries

Other Industries

A diverse range of commercial and public enterprises must meet the same demands: produce the highest quality products/provide the highest quality services, in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest possible cost, and in the most responsible manner. GenesisSolutions addresses areas such as product quality, production lead time, delivery, cost reduction and social responsibility to help our customers remain competitive in the global economy.

From a maintenance and engineering perspective, indirect and direct labor, inventories, utilities, quality, safety, regulatory compliance, asset uptime and social responsibility all affect the dynamics of operational success. With proven methods to excel in these areas, we help organizations in the following industries take leading-edge positions through optimized performance, improved work processes and best-in-class asset management.


Our full suite of maintenance and reliability services prepare higher education campuses for a multitude of daily and long standing activities requiring the safe and reliable operation of public facilities. Facility management services include EAM master planning, process scheduling and mobile deployment; CMMS implementation and data remediation services; and proactive maintenance optimization, including monitoring cost, risks and safety.

Food and Agriculture

Our integrated solutions enable facility managers and manufacturers operating in Food and Agriculture to maintain regulatory compliance while promoting safer, more reliable and consistent processes across all EAM activities. We provide global EAM system rollouts, reliability benchmarking and multi-plant EAM assessments so our customers can balance risk and cost to stay ahead of the competition in this critical market sector.

Oil, Gas and Chemical

Maturing oil, gas and processing facilities require major overhauls and upgrades as well as asset reliability plans that consider safer and more efficient operation throughout each facility's planned lifetime. Our reliability engineers are prepared to manage upgrades, rebuilds and commissioning. After the initial repair/rebuild phase, we can help you develop a maintenance strategy and routines that promote operational excellence.

Public and Transportation

We provide customers working in the government, transit and public sector with process improvement, technology implementation and engineering services related to the establishment and sustainment of world-class maintenance and EAM programs. We have the EAM systems knowledge to support your organization's goals, whether to monitor one asset's condition, maintain an entire fleet or achieve project/mission success.

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