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LNG Tanks

Reliability Solutions to Optimize LNG Assets

The emerging LNG market in North America is growing due to the demand for clean energy sources to reduce air emissions, the decline in natural gas prices and abundant LNG supply. As the energy industry continues to evolve the application and use of LNG as a fuel, high-performing assets such as floating LNG (FLNG) production units, floating storage regasification units (FSRUs), shoreside bunkering facilities and onshore LNG plants will require robust asset management strategies to support both technical and operational excellence.

Our core business is to deliver best-in-class Enterprise Asset Maintenance (EAM) services and the associated CMMS applications expertise to help asset owners and operators develop intelligent maintenance and integrity programs that address their safety and reliability needs.

Knowledge of EAM Systems for Emerging LNG Market

GenesisSolutions has worked closely with industrial clients for over two decades to develop and document a proven way to implement asset management programs using Maximo and other intelligent systems that help customers drive asset uptime and productivity while simultaneously reducing operating expenses. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the industry's leading software systems and EAM technology applications designed to increase operational efficiency. We have completed over 75 CMMS upgrades, implementations and reliability services projects, including several major integration projects for the LNG industry in the Americas region.

Trusted Technical Capabilities and Qualifications

We are a fully integrated EAM and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) service company with the capability to provide a full range of services – from EAM strategy and business process improvement, to RCM, to reliability analysis and Preventive Maintenance (PM)/Predictive Maintenance (PdM) programs, to implementation and support of all major EAM systems and technology. Our extensive experience in providing these services within the LNG and the broader oil and gas industry covers a wide variety of assets and operations.

Simply put, we know the work. Our core competency of developing and implementing full capability EAM programs, a key component of which is RCM, aligns with our customers' performance requirements. Our experience providing EAM services includes:

  • System and program gap assessments
  • RCM analysis
  • Equipment criticality determinations
  • CMMS integration and upgrades
  • Inspection plan development
  • Inspection data management system (IDMS) implementation
  • Ongoing program execution and support

CMMS Tracking, Reporting and Data Analysis Support

We also understand the importance of accurate data for driving both decision making and efficiency onboard FLNG vessels and in LNG facilities. Our team excels in analyzing our customers' existing Maximo, SAP or Infor EAM systems to determine the appropriate system configuration to support asset performance trending, budget reviews and lifecycle cost analyses. As reliability practitioners, we understand the importance of asset hierarchy and asset criticality ranking to support maintenance workflows, planning and scheduling, MRO and report writing. Our CMMS engagements result in our customers' ability to apply world-class enterprise asset management.

Risk Based Solutions to Optimize Asset Performance 

Our service model is built on a risk based approach to optimizing asset performance management strategies. To quantify the risk profile across a broad range of assets and operations in the LNG industry, we have developed a robust asset criticality ranking tool, which was awarded the 2015 Solution Award for Reliability Engineering. The tool is used to rank assets based on their criticality to the business or operation.

Product deliverables include:

  • Evaluation of how asset failures impact organizational performance
  • Provision of detailed profiles of characteristics that makes each asset critical
  • Allowance for systematic ranking of assets for prioritization efforts

Our initial efforts are focused on the first quartile of critical assets where we work to ensure that we maintain the most critical assets with the leanest and unobtrusive maintenance strategies to minimize residual risk while maximizing asset performance.

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