Predictive Maintenance Program Development & Implementation

3.1.4 Predictive 307x195 Predictive Maintenance Program Development & ImplementationOne of the most effective ways to improve critical asset reliability (up-time) and reduce maintenance cost is to change from fixed-time maintenance to condition-based maintenance. The key is to identify (predict) problems before they become serious, based on factual data. Predictive maintenance uses tools such as vibration monitoring, thermography, as well as human observation to evaluate equipment condition by performing periodic or continuous monitoring. The goal is to perform maintenance at a scheduled point in time when the maintenance activity is most cost-effective and before the equipment loses optimum performance. A PdM program can improve equipment availability, uptime, productivity, product quality AND reduce cost, all at the same time. The reliability and cost savings are substantial (15 – 20% or more) compared to fixed-time maintenance.

The Genesis team of reliability professionals works with our customers to accomplish two things:

  • Determine the predictive approach that will deliver the most reliability for least cost
  • Evaluate the existing PM program to identify and eliminate non-value-added and intrusive maintenance tasks that contribute to maintenance-caused downtime

Genesis has partnerships with leading organizations to provide a full-service Predictive Maintenance program including technologies and proprietary software to track predictive maintenance performance, conduct problem analysis for critical equipment, and do real-time ROI analysis on solution alternatives. We can also provide field technicians that are certified in various technologies to collect condition monitoring data and load into our software for analysis and reporting. Alternatively, your technicians can perform the condition monitoring tasks.

  • Mini-Diagnostic

    3.1.6-MiniDiag-116x87Assess your maintenance and reliability systems with our proprietary diagnostic tool. Get an instant score on your "maintenance ecosystem". See how your practices stack up to other firms on the leading edge. Take the GenesisSolutions mini-diagnostic test now.