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August 2017

3 challenges to commissioning and validating pharmaceutical assets in 2017

More than can be chewed: Agribusiness challenges overcome through EAM

Particle physics, EAM and what they mean to your industrial business

July 2017

Drones will save US energy infrastructure

June 2017

Expect delays: What threatens mass transit asset reliability in 2017?

4 essentials for determining true asset criticality

Why are oil and gas companies investing in drone technology? A Graphical Viewpoint.

May 2017

4 essential features for mobile maintenance technology

Held back: Higher education struggles without predictive maintenance for facilities management

Reconnected: Strengthening Mobile EAM Utilization Across the Industrial Sector (White Paper)

Tighten up: 4 calibration tips for better EAM

April 2017

Asset criticality helps industrial sector weather the storm of springtime maintenance

Mobile Asset Management – On the Move in 2017 – A Graphical Viewpoint

March 2017

Risk, Performance, and Cost: Striking a Balance in the Power Industry – White Paper

Is bad tribology wearing down your predictive maintenance program?

View from up here: Tethered drones in enterprise asset management

February 2017

Too hot to handle: Thermographic imaging and industrial asset management

HSE 4.0: How industry preserves safety in its latest revolution

January 2017

What EAM resolution should your industry strive to keep in 2017?

Into the reliable yonder: Exploring AI and AR in field service management

December 2016

On guard: A primer on EAM safeguards

Are you taking risks with your offshore IT development model?

November 2016

Critical how? The finer points of capitalizing on asset criticality

Are these 3 major elements of EAM aligned at your facility?

October 2016

What questions should supervisors ask their equipment operators?

Modern medicine: Asset management and the future of telehealth technology

Make the grade: Asset criticality and facilities management in higher education – A Graphical Viewpoint

Why ask why? Thinking deeply about what drives us to maintain assets

Prove EAM success early in its adoption with these 4 indicators

September 2016

Seeing beyond: What can EAM do for big-picture strategizing?

IIOT and remote assets: Changes to the EAM landscape

A day in the life of a ball bearing: EAM at a glance

August 2016

Assets to go: EAM and contract management for leased equipment and outsourced labor

Oil and gas distillation: Where does EAM fit in at midstream?

Does our dependence on data centers disrupt EAM?

Altered States: Thoughts On Organizational Change Management – White Paper

The Dos and Don’ts of Organizational Change Management – A Graphical Viewpoint

What today’s equipment failures tell us about our own enterprise asset management programs

Offshore oil: Blazing new paths with EAM solutions

Wasteful thinking: Revitalizing wastewater infrastructure maintenance with EAM

July 2016

In turbulent times, oil and gas finds value in EAM

What’s missing from your MRO supply management strategy?

EAM preserves order in an ever-evolving life sciences industry

June 2016

CMMS strengthens maintenance worker retention by confronting these 4 job complaints

CMMS is the industrial sector’s greatest ally amid IIOT-induced organizational change

It came from the Internet of Things: 5 tools for an IoT survival kit no asset-intensive business should go without – A Graphical Viewpoint

You can’t spell EAM without HSE: ‘Health, safety and the environment’ should be front and center in any asset-intensive industry

May 2016

Spilling over: America’s water infrastructure needs a splash of EAM for greater cost efficacy

Hit the books: EAM for higher education makes learning more reliable

Transit troubles in 2016 and how EAM can give public transportation a much-needed lift

3 industries on the verge of an IoT overhaul

Explaining EAM and enhanced maintenance plans with everybody’s favorite asset: The conveyor belt

Four reasons to optimize critical spare parts programs with enhanced MRO management

Six Government Assets Perfect for Proactive Maintenance Programs – A Graphical Viewpoint

April 2016

4 spring cleaning tips that double as EAM optimizers

6 ways mobile enterprise asset management solutions keeps businesses on their toes

Ghost in the machine: 4 common downtime devils and how to exorcise them with Enterprise Asset Management

March 2016

I sing the body efficient: 4 internal processes EAM solutions optimize besides asset management

Pharmaceutical manufacturers can clot spending hemorrhages with enterprise asset management

4 ways proactive asset management and maintenance help facilities management do more with less

4 shocking developments in the world of electricity and Enterprise Asset Management

February 2016

Peeking down the pipe: How enterprise asset management fuels tomorrow’s oil and gas industry

Proactive maintenance and public transportation: How RBM helps the wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round

First responders: Reliability based maintenance and its impact on employee safety

Canceled performance: What to do with ‘bad actors’ in asset management

January 2016

Spare change: Two cents on cost-effective critical spare part identification

Equipment vigilance: 3 elements underpinning Asset Criticality Ranking

Stay prepared: Adventuring onward with Enterprise Asset Management

5 must-haves for fully optimized proactive maintenance

Outranked: The four levels of proactive maintenance strategy development

December 2015

Unearthing the power of Root Cause Analysis

Indexing success: How to master the Master Asset List

Virtually unstoppable: How CMMS software turns data into asset reliability

November  2015

The breakdown on breaking down: Learning about system failure through Enterprise Asset Management

Using ‘replacement of asset value’ to audit your maintenance program’s efficacy

How proactive maintenance can prepare manufacturing for the future

October 2015

4 reasons why reactive maintenance is costing you money right now

Smarter Grids, Cleaner Power, and the Future of Utility Asset Management

How predictive maintenance can improve worker safety in dangerous industries

Establishing quality in Enterprise Asset Management system implementations

Asset management to be a key in ‘Internet of Things’ manufacturing deployments

September 2015

How asset management will play a role in the changing automotive industry

California oil spill highlights need for stronger safety protocols and predictive maintenance

How mobility is impacting enterprise asset management

How Enterprise Asset Management Facilitates Lean Manufacturing – A Graphical Viewpoint

Asset management critical for the growing, tech-driven construction industry

August 2015

Market for failure analysis growing – how it fits into proactive maintenance

Understanding the connection between enterprise asset management and product lifecycle management

How strict food safety standards increase the need for preventive maintenance

July 2015

State DOTs must ramp up highway asset management programs quickly

More enterprises realizing the benefits of condition-based monitoring

Asset management is the foundation for sustainable water systems

4 reasons Predictive Maintenance strategies can fail, and what to do about them

June 2015

What you need to know about implementing Maximo Anywhere in your business

How asset management can help the offshore oil industry through its coming transition

What the sports analytics movement can teach you about enterprise asset management

Reliability Based Maintenance (RBM) – White Paper

Asset management and the future of the mining industry

Facilitating asset management throughout the entire enterprise

May 2015

EAM Assessment Methodology – A Graphical Viewpoint

Effective asset management enhances lean manufacturing principles and processes

New regulation for offshore oil drilling signals push toward safety

April 2015

FDA launches Office of Pharmaceutical Quality – how can pharmaceutical manufacturing respond?

New investments in the aging U.S. power grid will require new asset management plans

Expanding natural gas pipelines call for strong asset management programs

Why supermarkets need to stay on top of refrigeration maintenance

An asset management plan can help modernize public school facilities

March 2015

Asset management a focus for Massachusetts public transportation after disastrous winter

Expanding craft breweries will require comprehensive asset management

Predictive programs prevent under- and over-maintenance

How effective health care asset management can improve patient care

Expanding smart grid adds new dimensions to utility asset management

February 2015

Proactive Maintenance Optimization (PMO) – An EAM Overview Report

The Importance of Enterprise Asset Management in the Oil & Gas Industry – Whitepaper

Smart factories may be automated, but they’re still reliant on enterprise asset management

Oil pipeline spills are made less likely with preventive maintenance plans

January 2015

Reliability programs can prevent factory downtime

IBM’s InterConnect 2015 promises to be entertaining and informative

Fatal factory accident serves as reminder of the importance of asset management

IBM Maximo Asset Management – The Importance of Upgrading

Maximo 7.6 new features and upgrading primer

December 2014

The effect of cold temperatures on lubricating and hydraulic fluids

Pipeline mechanical failures lead to significant oil spills in Canada

November 2014

Forklift productivity and safety improved by preventive maintenance plans

Single points of failure can spell disaster for power plants

Computerized maintenance management systems make collaborating on records easy

Reliability engineering aids waste water treatment plants

Spare parts programs minimize time spent on emergency repairs

October 2014

3 tips to help you improve your asset reliability immediately

The 2014 International Maintenance Conference is nearly here

Maximo KPIs help optimize your operation

Asset management in life sciences improves compliance

Life Sciences Maximo User Group 2014 annual meeting kicks off soon

Life Sciences benefit from EAM

Polar vortex reveals the importance of preventive maintenance

New features in Maximo 7.5 improves functionality

September 2014

How to avoid the costs of downtime

Predictive analytics gives manufacturers an edge with asset management

EAM seminar to focus on predictive solutions

New industrial insights help minimize downtime with improved maintenance scheduling

Industrial manufacturing enters the information age