Water/Waste Water

5.5 WaterWaste 307x195 Water/Waste WaterThe water and waste water industry has recognized the need to adapt more effective strategies for documenting, maintaining and managing assets over their complete lifecycle.  This is a key area of expertise for GenesisSolutions. We also see the water industry facing a legacy workforce nearing retirement age, entering a period where industrial maintenance and operations is even more critical as experienced resources dwindle.

Genesis helps customers address their multitude of challenges driving to transform the way the industry manages physical assets.  We provide solutions in handling new Government Accounting Standards (GASB 34), increased environmental oversight and increased fines, the threat of privatization of the industry, and a need to minimize the cost of services to their rate payers. Our team also offers experienced resources to augment staff needs, train internal replacement resources and share best-practices from municipalities and industrial sectors that have addressed and solved these same issues.