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5.2 OilGas 307x195 Oil & GasThe oil and gas industry has matured to the point that many of their facilities are aging and in need of major overhauls and upgrades. With these updates to facilities comes a need for improvements to maintenance strategies and processes to compete in the global market place for the long term. Companies need to maximize their asset base and are realizing the need for a long-term asset reliability plan to make sure their assets operate safely and at peak efficiency throughout their planned lifetimes.

We come in to initially help in asset reliability strategies for the newer/upgraded facilities to insure proper maintenance routines, spare parts optimization, criticality and lifecycle assessment along with safety policies and processes documentation.

The older facilities, many times, need hands-on maintenance triage and support to bring them back up to efficient operation. For this we provide maintenance engineering professionals with field experience from Africa to the North Sea and from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic. Resources with 10 -30 years of experience can walk into a facility and immediately go to work to manage and work on the upgrades, rebuilds and commissioning. After the initial repair/rebuild phase, we are there to help develop the maintenance strategies and routines to assure long-term safety and reliability of the assets in these challenging environments.

ABS Group & GenesisSolutions issued a report on The Importance of EAM for the Oil & Gas Community. Please view details here.