Industries Main HeroImg 307 195 IndustriesGenesisSolutions works across a broad range of industries to offer EAM consulting pre- and post-integration. With large-scale investment in industrial physical assets, our primary customer base comes from a number of key industries:

Pharmaceutical Industry

GenesisSolutions’ delivers software solutions compliant with regulatory requirements–a key factor in their successful partnerships with many top pharmaceutical companies. Learn more.

Oil and Gas Industry

Genesis expertise takes into account the maturity of the oil and gas industry—our team tackles the needs of aging facilities with targeted upgrades to foster long-term competition in the global marketplace. Learn more.

Power Utility Industry

GenesisSolutions has years of experience within utility operations including power generation, transmission and distribution, building facilities and all types of assets associated with these operations. Genesis holds the key to handling assets to stay on the leading edge. Learn more.


As government budgets are forced to increase spending oversight, Genesis implements sophisticated asset management programs that deliver in the areas of asset maintenance and capital asset replacement.  Learn more.

Water & Waste Water Industry

From new government accounting standards to increased environmental oversight, Genesis has ferried the water industry through many issues involving cost minimization and documenting, maintaining and managing assets over their complete lifecycle. Learn more.

Manufacturing Industry

Genesis is adept at addressing the manufacturing industry’s need to produce the highest quality product fast, cheaply and responsibly. Genesis excels at maximizing indirect and direct labor, inventories, utilities, quality, safety, regulatory compliance, asset uptime, and social responsibility to achieve a competitive edge for our customers. Learn more.


GenesisSolutions helps facility-oriented customers increase their maintenance effectiveness and reduce cost. Our efforts ultimately reduce the costs associated with maintaining assets, while affording our customers the productivity they require to be more efficient and profitable. Learn more.

Higher Education Industry

Genesis offers the higher education industry fully implemented lifecycle services, including Gap Analysis and review of business processes and re-engineering, through support after EAM upgrades. Learn more.

Biotech Industry

Genesis excels in supporting critical manufacturing reliability and maintenance systems for the Biotech industry. Our experience in delivering reliability services and EAM software solutions to this developing industry is on the leading edge of service today. Learn more.