EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) Master Planning

The Evolution of Maintenance Master Planning

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Mike Greenholtz & Quinton GoForth

Early last year an article was posted entitled “Maintenance Master Planning” where Mike Greenholtz described the implementation approach and benefits of an Asset Management program.  Much of the article described Mike's global implementation experiences, which began nearly a decade ago at a world class Pharmaceutical company.  We have had the opportunity over the past several years to introduce Maintenance Master Planning to many of our GenesisSolutions customers.  As part of a continuous improvement effort, we have modified the master planning process to include a DMAIC approach, which is a Six Sigma quality management tool, thus evolving Maintenance Master Planning to a more comprehensive Asset Management Master Planning process.

In a sequential series of articles to be published in this newsletter, we will describe the updated process in detail to provide you with a greater understanding of how this method can bring value to your company.  Over the course of this five part series, we will convey how we “Define” asset management maturity, “Measure” and assess the current state of asset management, “Analyze” the assessment to develop a master plan, “Improve” asset management through master plan implementation, and finally “Control” and sustain the performance improvement.

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