Customer Results

4.3 Results 307x195 Customer ResultsGenesisSolutions has a history of creating outstanding results, on-time and on-budget, exceeding expectations in every situation we encounter.  Below are a few of our customer successes.

  • Genesis helped two large pharmaceutical plants in Puerto Rico achieve a $450 million product throughput increase in the first four months of operations by deploying integrated services. Read about related services.
  • Genesis was responsible for the implementation of a major EAM system for a global manufacturer in 240 plants. This massive undertaking was delivered on-schedule and under-budget, earning the Strategic Service Supplier of the Year award for 2006 and 2007. Read about related services.
  • Genesis created an RCM program to increase production rates for a life-saving vaccine for infants, With a worldwide demand of more than 60 million dosages, we increased monthly production (on this capacity-constrained production unit) from 3.2M to over 5.0M in just nine months. Read about related services.
  • Genesis created a maintenance engineering program to revamp asset data ($1.6 million in assets), optimize PM ($750,000), and MRO inventory (500,000 SKUs)—all for one of the top power generation companies in North America. Our program resulted in a 10% reduction in forced outages alongside a 7% reduction in overall maintenance spending. Read about related services.
  • Genesis automated welding operations for a large North American auto plan, resulting in 50% reduction in unplanned downtime from a previous average of 6,000 minutes of welding downtime a month. Through engineering services, we also helped increase system-wide output by 250 units per day. That translated to $5-11 million daily in throughput increases, depending on model lots. Read about related services.