Value Proposition

2.2 value 307x195 Value PropositionWith an 87% repeat-engagement rate, our most strategic customers are already successful in their day-to-day operations. Why? The mission is clear, the vision is targeted, and objectives are within reach because the right team and technology are already in place.

When a customer is laser-focused on what it does best, GenesisSolutions can overlay our experience and process with the customer’s operations for maximum impact. With financial and operations performance on the line, we don’t settle for anything less than 100% customer satisfaction.

Defining The Future Maintenance Strategy

Each engagement begins with a thorough analysis of existing maintenance practices and software tools in use. This analysis allows Genesis’ EAM professionals to assist the customer in developing a maintenance and asset management program and selecting an enterprise-level CMMS application best aligned with the organization. Because we are not affiliated with any specific product vendors, we provide an unbiased opinion in selecting hardware and software solutions.

Business process re-engineering. Our team identifies the most effective ways to design or redesign business processes, including defining functional requirements for systems support.

Genesis designs and configures technology solutions. The selected maintenance applications are configured, or customized in some cases, to meet specific needs.

Genesis collects, cleanses, and standardizes data. Our team collects, evaluates and standardizes content, including asset profiles, MRO inventory normalization, PMs and Bills-Of–Materials.

Genesis develops reports and establishes metrics to help monitor progress. Specialized reports and KPIs enable the maintenance organization to manage their business efficiently and effectively.

Genesis sets up SOPs (standard operating procedures) to ensure clarity within the maintenance organization.

Genesis trains the user community on the new business processes and maintenance system applications.

Genesis deploys customer solutions, releasing the business processes, organizational structures, SOPs, reliability tools and techniques and a new or upgraded validated CMMS. Our state-of-the-art solution integrates all elements–people, processes and systems–to ensure maximum impact to every customer’s business.

Genesis structures project management with methodology that seamlessly integrates our two teams and enables completion on-time and on-budget.

Genesis initiates a strict change management process to manage scope changes and the addition of new requirements throughout the development phase of the project.