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    Proactive Maintenance Optimization (PMO) – An EAM Overview Report

    GenesisSolutions, the Asset Performance Optimization service line for The ABS Group of Companies, released an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) overview report on Proactive Maintenance Optimization (PMO)  in 2015. Please read below for an excerpt and detailed content listing. To request a copy of the report, please click here.

    “As Proactive Maintenance (PM) Programs get larger and more complex and their tasks more heavily influenced by the Quality and Safety Groups, are they actually still preserving asset functionality?” Dan Miller, a Principal Reliability Engineer with ABS Group asks as he evaluates the strength of a PM Program. “The organization’s performance measures often include PM Completion (or Compliance) data to ascertain how well the Maintenance and Reliability Group is achieving its goals.”
    “The metrics may give leadership confidence in how the program is running”, Miller adds; “but if the PMs are not effective, they will do little to improve overall performance and reduce quality and safety issues. Often, the Proactive Maintenance Program, the most visible part of the Asset Management Program, can be its most neglected.”

    Table of Contents:

    1. Proactive Maintenance Program Strength
    2. Making the PM Program Effective
    3. Optimizing to Eliminate Non-Value Added Effort
    4. Performing Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
    5. Performing Maintenance Task Analysis
    6. PM Optimization Goals
    7. Executing Optimized PMs
    8. Keeping the PM Program Current with Technology
    9. Adding or Enhancing Predictive Maintenance
    10. Sustaining the PM Program
    11. PM Optimization Do’s & Don’ts

    To discuss this subject matter and how you can make related improvements at your organization, please click here to request a personalized consultation.

    The Value of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) in the Oil & Gas Industry

    GenesisSolutions EAM Value Oil & Gas ReportPlease click here to request a copy of a new report on the value and importance of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) in the Oil & Gas Industry.

    Sections include:

    1. Report introduction
    2. State-regulated environmental standards
    3. EAM objectives
    4. Implementing new EAM Programs
    5. How spares, backups, and redundancies maximize uptime
    6. Asset criticality and prioritization
    7. Compliance

    To view GenesisSolutions Asset Performance Optimization industry overview for Oil & Gas, please click here.

    To view ABS Group industry overviews, please click Offshore or Natural Gas / LNG Services.

    Maximo Upgrade Process (7.5, 7.6) – A CMMS Best Practice Overview Webinar

    Update: This webinar was held on Wednesday, December 17th at 2pm ET / 1pm CT. 

    GenesisSolutions, An ABS Group Company, hosted a webinar on IBM Maximo Asset Management - A Best Practices Guide and Overview on the Upgrade Process on Wednesday, December 17th at 2pm ET / 1pm CT. This event is part of our CMMS Best Practice webinar series.

    To view a recording of this webinar, please click here.

    To request a copy of this webinar presentation, please submit a request here.

    Webinar Overview:

    According to multiple sources, IBM Maximo Asset Management is the best-selling Global EAM Platform. It has a broad range of applications, ranging from manufacturing to infrastructure, transportation and even real estate. Maximo grants companies more insight and control over assets to optimize performance while reducing operational costs and maximizing return on assets.

    The most recently released iteration of Maximo is version 7.5 (with Maximo 7.6 soon to be released) which adds an array of new features and functionality. The new content that was added with 7.5 was intended to help improve organizational efficiency in asset management while streamlining business processes and integrating data from legacy systems more easily. Specifically, it improves on five different areas:

    1. Supply Chain
    2. Work and Asset Management
    3. Usability
    4. Migration Manager
    5. Deployment Engine

    This webinar will promote a discussion on Maximo Upgrade Best Practices. As end of support for all prior versions to Maximo 7.5 approaches in April 2015, it is imperative that organizations stay ahead of the curve and upgrade early. The discussion will revolve around the following main areas:

    1. Upgrade Overview
    2. New Features
    3. Technology Considerations
    4. Industry Solutions
    5. Discussion on Maximo 7.6
    6. General Observations and Commentary
    Value Proposition / What the Audience will Learn:
    • Why upgrade?
    • What are the benefits to upgrading?
    • What considerations do I have to make?
    • What are the pitfalls I can avoid by planning in advance?
    • What skills are required to complete?

    We hope you can join us for this educational session.

    View the Webinar Announcement Press Release.

    GenesisSolutions hosting Charleston, SC & NYC EAM & Reliability Strategy Seminars

    Tuesday, October 7, 2014 - Charleston Marriott - Charleston, South Carolina

    Thursday, October 9, 2014 - New York LaGuardia Airport Marriott - Elmhurst, New York

    GenesisSolutions, the Asset Performance Optimization service line for The ABS Group of Companies, invite you and your team to attend a complimentary, one-day, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Reliability Strategy Seminar and Workshop.  Breakfast, lunch & snacks provided.

    GenesisSolutions is committed to providing an educational forum to promote a greater understanding of a progressive, multi-phase EAM Master Plan and how to leverage your CMMS investment to support your Reliability Strategy.  Click the link below to view a full description and logistical information for our one-day EAM and Reliability Strategy Seminar which has a focus on “Defining your Enterprise Asset Management Master Plan.”

    Click here for the Agenda for Charleston  (Tues, 10/7)

    Click here for the Agenda for New York (Thurs, 10/9)

    Click here to Register

    EAM Assessment Methodology – Identifying Prioritized Opportunities for Asset Management Improvement

    GenesisSolutions, An ABS Group Company, hosted a webinar on EAM Assessment Methodology - Identifying Prioritized Opportunities for Asset Management Improvement on Wednesday, November 19th at 11am ET / 10an CT. This event is part of our EAM Best Practice webinar series.

    To request a copy of the presentation file, please click here.

    To view the webinar recording, please click here.

    Webinar Overview

    All industries are focused on improving asset reliability. This can only be achieved by having a high performance asset management program in place, with the ultimate goal of achieving Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). The journey to achieve EAM starts with a detailed assessment of your organization’s current maintenance and asset management performance. An EAM Assessment will provide the necessary gap analysis to understand your greatest opportunities and effectively prioritize them for closure, ultimately providing you the ability to advance towards enhanced asset reliability.

    The EAM Assessment measures the current state of performance on the EAM Maturity Continuum, with progressive states of maturity from the lowest performance level of Reactive to the highest performance level of Enterprise, with common characteristics shown for the various elements in each respective state.

    During this webinar an overview of the detailed processes behind an EAM Assessment and the value that it can bring to your organization will be covered. Examples of each of the seven elements of EAM will be shared, CMMS Functionality & Utilization, MRO Inventory Management, Metrics & Performance Improvement, Maintenance & Reliability Strategy, Organizational Readiness, Planning & Scheduling, and Work Management. The EAM Maturity Continuum will be defined and key steps in assessing the current state performance identified, thus setting the stage for the development of an EAM Master Plan which provides the roadmap for the necessary improvements required to positively impact business goals and objectives.

    Value Proposition

    • Fundamental elements of EAM
    • Key assessment data collection points
    • How to effectively identify and prioritize opportunities
    • A comprehensive case study of the greatest opportunities identified from more than 70 completed assessments

    Who Should Attend?

    • Asset Management Program Managers & Directors
    • Engineering Managers & Directors
    • Facility and Plant Engineers
    • Finance Managers
    • Maintenance Managers & Directors
    • Maintenance Supervisors
    • Manufacturing Engineers
    • Operations Managers & Directors
    • Planners & Schedulers
    • Process Engineers
    • Reliability Managers, Engineers and Technicians

    Session Leader

    Quinton GoForth is the Director of Reliability Services for GenesisSolutions, An ABS Group Company, specializing in asset reliability and leveraging the CMMS to make data driven decisions. Quinton has comprehensive knowledge of asset management operations, systems, and processes obtained throughout his career holding positions in maintenance, engineering, quality, and operations. He has extensive experience improving asset reliability through the implementation of an effective asset management program supported by a well-designed and maintained CMMS, assisting more than 50 customers in the development of strategic plans for improvement utilizing GenesisSolutions’ proprietary assessment and master planning methodologies. Quinton completed his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University, is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP), and also completed Villanova University’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program.

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