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    GenesisSolutions Announces New Reliability Based Maintenance (RBM) Training Course

    A systematic approach to proactive preservation of critical asset functionality and operation

    GenesisSolutions is excited to announce that we have just revamped our Reliability Based Maintenance (RBM) Training Course.  This three (3) day training course is open to the public and will be held at our Knoxville Training Center on the following dates in 2015 (we are also finalizing dates for 2016):

    • Tuesday, September 15, 2015 - Thursday, September 17, 2015
    • Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - Thursday, November 5, 2015

    Course Description

    Reliability Based Maintenance (RBM) is a systematic approach to the proactive preservation of critical asset functionality and operation. This RBM course leads the participant through progressive overviews of the standard RBM concepts in a three (3) day classroom environment.

    The material is presented through instructor interaction, enlightening case studies, and engaging exercises throughout the course that couples all of the concepts into a simplified roadmap easily transferable into their organization.

    Each module contains an exercise that reinforces the learning objectives and builds upon those previous to reiterate the importance of executing the RBM concepts collectively.

    The course includes a comprehensive participant guide along with lunch and refreshments each day. Classes are normally Tuesday through Thursday and can be held at one of our training facilities or onsite at a selected customer location.

    To learn more, please click here.

    To download the course agenda, please click here.

    To register, please click here.

    GenesisSolutions Announces New ISO 55000 Assessment Service Offering

    Improve Asset Management Infrastructure, Scope & Alignment

    GenesisSolutions utilizes two proven methodologies to perform asset management assessments. These are the GenesisSolutions proprietary EAM Assessment Methodology tool, focused on the efficiency of the day to day operation, looking at people, processes, systems, and technologies; and the Institute for Asset Management (“IAM”) International Organization for Standardization (“ISO”) 55000 Self-Assessment Methodology (“SAM”) tool, focused on the asset management infrastructure, scope, and governance. The EAM Assessment results are primarily intended for maintenance management, technicians, operators, and support staff to better understand how to gain efficiencies within the daily maintenance and asset management workflows. The ISO 55000 Assessment determines the robustness of the asset management practices, capabilities, and systems and is intended for executives and middle management to better understand how to support technicians, operators, and support staff as well as to enable them to contribute to continual improvement of the asset management program.

    The purpose of the new service is to conduct a comprehensive ISO 55000 assessment of an organizations’ maintenance and asset management program in order to establish and document the organization’s expectations for evolving the maintenance and asset management program in a collaborative effort across all functional groups. GenesisSolutions will then deliver a comprehensive assessment report defining opportunities and recommended actions to support the organization in improved asset management infrastructure, scope, and governance in alignment with ISO 55000.

    To request more information on this new service offering, please click here.

    About GenesisSolutions

    GenesisSolutions, an ABS Group Company, has supported asset intensive companies as a strategic partner since 1998 providing Enterprise Asset Management (“EAM”) services. Our lean six sigma process driven methodologies are focused on enhancing your people, processes, systems, technology, and governance to ultimately sustain optimized Asset Reliability. Our services portfolio includes hundreds of success stories in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. The foundation of our methodology is to leverage the Computerized Maintenance Management System (“CMMS”) ensuring the system data is fully utilized and in alignment with the workflows and procedures that drive the daily maintenance and asset management operation. The ultimate goal is to strengthen our customer’s internal skills and intellectual capital by utilizing a team of experienced EAM practitioners with access to our comprehensive document library of best practices, a robust training portfolio, and a proven knowledge transfer process ensuring sustainability.

    GenesisSolutions is the Asset Performance Optimization service line of ABS Group.

    GenesisSolutions published in Inspectioneering Journal: “Best Practices of Maintenance Planning & Scheduling”

    Petroleum & Process Industry Asset Information Management (AIM) Focused Periodical 

    March / April 2015 Issue

    Matt Midas, Senior Account Executive, was published in the March / April 2015 edition of Inspectioneering Journal. Matt’s article, entitled “Best Practices of Maintenance Planning & Scheduling”, reviews and discusses strategies Matt has utilized, recommended, and deployed as a maintenance and reliability professional over the past 25 years.

    Please click here to access the article.

    About Inspectioneering Journal: Our mission is to provide the petroleum and process industries with world class Asset Integrity Management (AIM) information by facilitating expert knowledge sharing. We are motivated by the belief that increased AIM intelligence can help improve organizational efficiency, increase equipment reliability, protect workers and the environment, and in the end, lead to a more successful business enterprise.

    EAM & Reliability Seminars scheduled in Paducah, Kentucky & Lafayette, Louisiana

    Please note - these seminars have been postponed until Fall 2015.

    GenesisSolutions, the Asset Performance Optimization service line for The ABS Group of Companies, invite you and your team to attend a complimentary, one-day, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Reliability Strategy Seminar and Workshop.

    Breakfast, lunch & snacks provided.

    GenesisSolutions is committed to providing an educational forum to promote a greater understanding of a progressive, multi-phase EAM Master Plan and how to leverage your CMMS investment to support your Reliability Strategy.  Click the link below to view a full description and logistical information for our one-day EAM and Reliability Strategy Seminar which has a focus on “Defining your Enterprise Asset Management Master Plan”.

    Click here for the Agenda for Paducah

    Click here for the Agenda for Lafayette

    Click here to be notified of the rescheduled dates.

    Proactive Maintenance Optimization (PMO) – An EAM Overview Report

    GenesisSolutions, the Asset Performance Optimization service line for The ABS Group of Companies, released an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) overview report on Proactive Maintenance Optimization (PMO)  in 2015. Please read below for an excerpt and detailed content listing. To request a copy of the report, please click here.

    “As Proactive Maintenance (PM) Programs get larger and more complex and their tasks more heavily influenced by the Quality and Safety Groups, are they actually still preserving asset functionality?” Dan Miller, a Principal Reliability Engineer with ABS Group asks as he evaluates the strength of a PM Program. “The organization’s performance measures often include PM Completion (or Compliance) data to ascertain how well the Maintenance and Reliability Group is achieving its goals.”
    “The metrics may give leadership confidence in how the program is running”, Miller adds; “but if the PMs are not effective, they will do little to improve overall performance and reduce quality and safety issues. Often, the Proactive Maintenance Program, the most visible part of the Asset Management Program, can be its most neglected.”

    Table of Contents:

    1. Proactive Maintenance Program Strength
    2. Making the PM Program Effective
    3. Optimizing to Eliminate Non-Value Added Effort
    4. Performing Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
    5. Performing Maintenance Task Analysis
    6. PM Optimization Goals
    7. Executing Optimized PMs
    8. Keeping the PM Program Current with Technology
    9. Adding or Enhancing Predictive Maintenance
    10. Sustaining the PM Program
    11. PM Optimization Do’s & Don’ts

    To discuss this subject matter and how you can make related improvements at your organization, please click here to request a personalized consultation.

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