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    Asset Criticality Ranking: Ranking Your Critical Assets – Best Practices with Infor EAM


    Title: ACR: Ranking Your Critical Assets

    Date: Wednesday, October 4, 2017

    Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

    Duration: 60 minutes

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    The need to improve the performance of critical assets is common knowledge when it comes to asset management. However, many organizations fail to fully understand the methodology behind formally ranking an asset as critical. It is very easy to deem the assets that are causing the most problems recently as critical as we often operate in a “what have you done for me lately” mentality.

    Attend this live webinar as we go through proper development of an Asset Criticality Ranking (ACR) model and discuss how reliability engineering concepts can be applied to determine the level at which each asset should be managed, based on criticality. Asset Criticality Ranking is a key component to achieving successful Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) as it is the primary mechanism needed to prioritize improvement activities when time and resource availability are often limited.

    By attending you will learn how this prioritization should be applied to continuous improvement efforts such as PM optimization and capital investments, as well as to the daily management of the EAM workflow processes, to set priority for planning and scheduling.


    • Quinton GoForth, GenesisSolutions, An ABS Group Company
    • Kevin Price, Infor

    Reliability Based Maintenance Webinar – Best Practices with Infor EAM


    Title: Reliability Based Maintenance Best Practices

    Date: Thursday, September 14, 2017

    Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

    Duration: 60 minutes

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    Update: Part II has been announced – ACR: Ranking Your Critical Assets – Scheduled for October 4th at 11am ET – Details Here.


    Effective EAM consists of optimizing the management of an organization’s physical assets to maximize their value throughout their entire life cycle. Everything including design, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and replacement of every asset must be done with the goal of optimizing asset reliability. In this case, reliability and uptime are synonymous: Managers want to ensure their assets are running in such a way that there is as little downtime as possible while still performing the necessary maintenance on critical assets.

    This is exactly what Reliability Based Maintenance (RBM) can do for your organization. It’s about developing and implementing systems, structures, processes and practices that use maintenance as a way to maximize asset reliability at the most cost-effective level.

    Utilizing a combination of proactive maintenance strategies, asset-intensive enterprises can use the data they collect from their assets to prompt maintenance activities as well as enhance their proactive maintenance. As the asset condition data reaches maintenance teams and managers, they can schedule maintenance exactly when and where it is needed. This transforms maintenance from a reactive, intrusive approach into a key process that is embedded within normal operations.

    Join us to learn about the six steps to the RBM process and how Infor EAM supports this process 100% by providing data and triggering PM & PdM activities:

    1. Developing a Master Asset List (MAL)
    2. Asset Criticality Ranking (ACR)
    3. Proactive Maintenance Optimization (PMO)
    4. Spare Part Analysis (SPA)
    5. Reliability Analytics Monitoring (RAM)
    6. Root Cause Analysis (RCA)


    • Quinton GoForth, GenesisSolutions, An ABS Group Company
    • Jeremie Hicks, Infor
    Cooperative Development of Reliability Based Maintenance – SMRP Solutions

    Cooperative Development of Reliability Based Maintenance – SMRP Solutions

    SMRP Solutions mar apr2017 227x300 Cooperative Development of Reliability Based Maintenance   SMRP SolutionsGenesisSolutions Published in March / April 2017 edition of SMRP Solutions

    GenesisSolutions’ Principal Reliability Engineer Dave Potter was published in SMRP Solutions earlier this year for his article on “Cooperative Development of Reliability Based Maintenance“.

    The article details and discusses challenges Dave has seen organizations experience while developing and implementing successful Asset Reliability Programs.  

    Read the article here. (Starting on page 14)

    Are you Strengthening EAM Mobile Utilization Across your Organization?

    New White Paper

    Reconnected: Strengthening Mobile EAM Utilization Across the Industrial Sector

    Mobile technology has already torn down the old world and rebuilt a new one in its image, one that rests atop four marble pillars: communication, collaboration, transparency and intelligence.

    But not every business has such a pearlescent opinion of mobility. Why? Because they have yet to experience all the things a mobile-optimized organization has to offer.

    After all, although smartphones, tablets, and handheld devices all come in boxes with step-by-step instructions, they leave it up to adopters to explore and act on how to best use these innovations according to what their unique industries demand.

    With assistance from the Industrial Internet of Things, the mobile revolution has made the acquisition, collection and utilization of real-time operational data all the easier, all the more goal-driven and astronomically more efficient. In return, users have tightened processes, uncovered asset deficiencies and preempted loss of incalculable sums that would have otherwise been lost to downtime.

    And yet, if businesses now figure out how to connect the dots between mobile advances and challenges specific to their lines of work, there are far more rewards for the reaping.

    Click here to access EAM Mobile White Paper.

    Infor Forms Alliance With GenesisSolutions

    Infor Forms Alliance With GenesisSolutions

    Infor 87x87 Infor Forms Alliance With GenesisSolutionsNEW YORK, April 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Genesis Technology Solutions, Inc. (GenesisSolutions), the Asset Performance Optimization (APO) subsidiary of ABS Group, has signed an alliance agreement with Infor (US), Inc., a leading enterprise asset management (EAM) software provider and strategic technology partner for more than 90,000 organizations worldwide.

    With this alliance, GenesisSolutions will help support Infor and its customers in optimizing the power of Infor EAM. Through services and solutions, customers can improve capital asset management in ways that help increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, confirm regulatory compliance, reduce energy usage and support sustainability initiatives across industry sectors.

    Read full press release.

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